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Understanding the accessible tourism and travel market is key to helping you address it


Disabled customers are very important to the UK’s tourism and travel industry. Currently, around 11.9 million people in the UK are disabled. That means that up to 1 in 5 of your customers is likely to be a disabled person.

In England alone, according to research conducted by VisitEngland, £12 billion per year is spent on trips where a member of the party has an impairment.

It is important to understand what the law requires from you when serving disabled customers. In the UK, accessibility is governed by the Equality Act 2010.


Tourism for All has created TFAQ’s, a new market intelligence bulletin which will provide businesses and organisations like yours with intelligence and insight to help you to understand:

  • The scope and value of the accessible tourism and travel market;
  • The needs and wishes of the customers who make up the accessible tourism and travel market;
  • How to address these needs and wishes cost effectively to maximise your return from the accessible tourism and travel market.

TFAQ’s will appear 4 times a year and will combine new and updated survey-based research, carried out with our own community of tourists and travellers and with Partners’ own customer bases, with expert opinion from our own pool of expertise and from Partners.

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Remember, our market intelligence and insight, including a subscription to TFAQ’s, is available to all Partners. And Partnership need not be expensive – it costs from just £150 for a small business or organisation. See our full list of Partnership and Promotion rates here.

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